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Caviar Tasting

Caviar tasting in Stockholm

Caviar tasting for individuals and businesses.

Caviar Tasting

We create unique experiences and educate you in the traditional craft of caviar.

Together with our partners  and some of the country’s foremost sommeliers, we have created the ultimate taste experience with unique pairing menus. You will be guided through the entire experience while enriching your knowledge, recommending the right drink for each caviar with unique champagne glasses tailored to each distinctive flavor profile.

Caviar Tasting

In addition, we offer a gastronomic experience from our live kitchen where our chef prepares classic raw food with a focus on caviar and vendace roe.

Caviar tasting

For an exclusive experience with personalized service.

For an exclusive experience with personalized service, we have limited the number to a maximum of 29 people in the venue. Feel free to drop by during our sales hours and treat yourselves to caviar and vendace roe, or book any day of the week for a unique caviar tasting in a delightful environment. The experience is available between 10:00–17:00, depending on the booking package you choose. The possibility for Saturdays and later times is available for bookings of at least 8 people or more.

We have three fantastic package offers, which you can find below:

Served Mon-Fri 10:00–17:00, maximum number of guests is 29.

Package: Royal Tasting – 1 799kr/pp

This tasting is perfect for those curious about caviar and want to try the black gold. Here, we sample three royal-class caviars, delve into the history of sturgeons, and explore how to eat caviar properly to achieve the ultimate taste experience.

What you get to taste is:

  • Baerii Royal: A Siberian sturgeon species that takes 7 years to produce caviar with 2.7mm eggs size
  • Huso Royal: A hybrid sturgeon and one of the world's best-selling caviars with 3.00mm egg size
  • Oscietra Royal: The romance caviar, a Russian sturgeon species that also characterizes the so-called Russian caviar, with 2.8mm egg size

Package: Caviar Dreams – 2 189kr/pp

This tasting offers magical flavors with different textures and taste profiles that you, with the guidance of our caviar expert, will get to experience. Here, we elevate to a higher class and sample caviar from older female sturgeons with slightly larger eggs and a more developed flavor profile.

What you get to taste is:

  • Baerii Imperial: A Siberian sturgeon species that takes 7 years to produce caviar with 2.9-3.00mm egg size
  • Huso Imperial: A hybrid sturgeon related to the Beluga sturgeon, with eggs ranging from 3.00 to 3.2
  • Oscietra Imperial: The romance caviar with a smoother texture and well-balanced saltiness, eggs ranging from 2.9 to 3.00mm

Package: Gourmet tasting – 2 805kr/pp

A package for connoisseurs who want to indulge in something extra special. This caviar is from the oldest female sturgeons, a mature and complex caviar that is fantastic both in appearance and taste – hence deserving our Majestic stamp.

What you get to taste is:

  • Baerii Majestic: This caviar comes from a limited harvest that we carefully select, with eggs measuring 3.00mm
  • Huso Majestic: Large, bright eggs with delightful saltiness and a perfect texture to be enjoyed with champagne, measuring 3.2mm.
  • Beluga Royal: The king sturgeon, beluga sturgeon takes 24 years before it can produce caviar. Egg size 3-3.2mm.

Package: I go all in – 10,000 SEK per person (minimum number of people 4)

This tasting is one of the most expensive in the world. Here, we delve into the basics as you try different grades of the same sturgeon species to discern differences in color, taste, and texture. This tasting is incredibly comprehensive; by the end of the evening, you will undoubtedly know precisely which type of caviar you love. This package includes snacks to experience the variation in how caviar tastes on its own and paired with food. You will also get to taste our most exclusive caviar – Beluga Majestic, carefully selected from our producers, whom we select and order from a year in advance

What you get to taste is:

  • Baerri royal and Majestic
  • Huso Royal and Majestic
  • Oscietra Royal and Imperial
  • Beluga Royal and Majestic


1- Snacks +295 SEK per person: Suitable snacks to accompany the caviar you’ll be tasting, elevating the flavors to an extra level and creating new taste combinations for a unique experience.

2- Beverage Package Small +595 SEK per person: 2 vodkas + 1 glass of champagne.

3- Grand Beverage Package +995 SEK per person: 3 vodkas + 3 glasses of champagne.

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As caviar is a lifestyle, we have a Members Club where we offer our members the opportunity to pre-book their seats, receive special invitations to the monthly inspiration evenings with guest chefs or caviar experts, and other exclusive offers from our partners.